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Ceramic and Refractory

The unique properties of GNP Ceramic's materials permit limitless possibilities in ceramic and refractory applications. Our products are used in manufacturing processes such as:

* Reaction Bonded     * Recrystallized     * Nitride Bonded     * Sintering     * Hot Pressing

A short list of resulting products is:
   * Armor * Wear Components
   * Igniters/Heating Elements * Seal Rings
   * Process components for Semiconductor Industry * Kiln Furniture
   * Diesel Particulate Fuel Filters * Refractory Components

Products available for these applications are:
   Black Silicon Carbide - Macrogrits Boron Carbide - Macrogrits
   Black Silicon Carbide - Microgrits Boron Carbide - Microgrits
   Green Silicon Carbide - Macrogrits Sinterable Powder
   Green Silicon Carbide - Microgrits Hot Press Powder +/- Sintering Aid
   Green Silicon Carbide - GS07  
   Sinterable Powder Silicon Metal
   Ready to Press Powders  
   Dense Zirconia - Yttria stabilized Brown Aluminum Oxide - Macrogrits
   Dense Zirconia - Calcia stabilized Brown Aluminum Oxide - Microgrits
   Bubble Zirconia White Aluminum Oxide - Macrogrits
  White Aluminum Oxide - Microgrits
   Aluminum Zirconia -25% Tabular Alumina
   Aluminum Zirconia -40% Calcined Alumina
   Zircon Sand Bubble Alumina

Inquire about our pressing capabilities.
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